Tiger tattoo
Tiger tattoo.
Brothers, double dog portrait.
Dog’s portrait tattoo.
Small dog's portrait
Small dog’s portrait.
Dog's portrait
Dog’s portrait tattoo.
Dog's portrait
 Dog’s portrait tattoo.
Dog's portrait
Dog’s portrait.
Small dog portrait tattoo
Small dog portrait tattoo.
Half elephant gap filler tattoo
Half elephant gap filler tattoo.
Double basset hound portrait tattoo
Double basset hound portrait tattoo.
Colour badger tattoo
Badger addition to the british nature sleeve.
Tiger hand tattoo
Black and grey tiger hand tattoo.
Leopard cub tattoo
Leopard cub tattoo on the bottom of the leg.
Barn owl tattoo
Barn owl colour tattoo for Becky
Little wrist silverback tattoo
Little wrist silverback tattoo.
Wolf tattoo
Wolf tattoo design.
Owl hand tattoo
Colour owl hand tattoo.
Tiger half-sleeve tattoo
Finished tiger half sleeve tattoo, mostly healed, only a bit of background is fresh
Colour tiger tattoo, done during a guestspot in Munich, Germany
Young dude, the fox tattoo for Michael
black and grey fox tattoo
Leicester City black and grey fox tattoo.
Black and grey stag
Black and grey stag tattoo on the forearm.
Black and grey lion hand tattoo
Black and grey tiger hand tattoo
Tiger eyes tattoo design, black and grey with gold eyes
Father and son design, cover up tattoo
Father and son design, cover up tattoo.
Black and grey realistic monkey tattoo
Black and grey wolf tattoo on the calf
Realistic dog portrait tattoo called Max
Little monkey boy and double cover-up (name and Chinese symbols)
Custom design wolf tattoo on the chest
Little monkey boy tattoo for father and son design
Another small owl tattoo, bottom side of the calf
The lion tattoo design
Fox tattoo
Small black and grey fox for Lee.
First part of the ‘father and son’ silverback gorilla tattoo design
‘Sisters’ matching tattoo portraits of their dog. Same boy, two different photo references and a bit different tattoo styles.
Tiger tattoo, black and grey with gold-ish eyes
Big black and grey tiger half-sleeve tattoo
Realistic wolf tattoo, part of the ongoing sleeve
Small black and grey owl tattoo
Realistic lion tattoo on the chest
Gunna – black and grey dog tattoo portrait
Lion cover up tattoo
Colour gorilla tattoo cover up on the chest
James, the guide dog tattoo portrait
Lion tattoo for Millwall F.C. supporter
Tiny robin tattoo for Alison
Pair of tiny lions for a couple in love, matching tattoo
Little tiger cub tattoo added to the oriental sleeve
Shark design, small addition to ongoing tattoo sleeve
Lions tattoo, father and cub design
Black and grey lion half sleeve tattoo