Memorial family tattoo portrait
Memorial family tattoo portrait.
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II tattoo portrait.
Brian Clough OBE ("old bigead")
Brian Clough portrait, OBE (“old big ead”).
Stuart Pearce portrait.
Stuart Pearce portrait, nffc.
Family portrait
Memorial family portrait.
Family portrait
Memorial family portrait.
Gangsta tattoo
Gangsta black and grey tattoo portrait.
Virgin Mary hand tattoo
Virgin Mary hand tattoo.
Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, thigh  colour tattoo portrait.
Ongoing Eminem design
Ongoing Eminem tattoo project.
Chicano portrait
Chicano girl tattoo.
“To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill.
Father's portrait tattoo
My customer’s father, tattoo done from the old photo.
Charlie Chaplin portrait
Charlie Chaplin portrait in the style inspired by Magdiel art.
Child portrait tattoo
Black and grey portrait tattoo on the back.
Eminem colour portrait done during The Tattoo Collective convention in London.
Jon Snow tattoo close-up
Close-up and details of Jon Snow, Games of Thrones.
Finished the Night King from Game of Thrones, most of it is healed.
Elvis Presley portrait, done in black and grey tattoo techniques I have learned in France from Thomas Carli Jarlier.
Colour portrait of the Walter White from Breaking Bad.
Colour portrait of the Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman, ‘Batman returns’.
Small Kurt Cobain tattoo on the arm.
Nick Fury tattoo
Samuel L. Jackson as the Nick Fury.
Lagertha Vikings tattoo
Lagertha from the Vikings as the gap filler in the back of the arm.
The same portrait one more time on a different person, a bit bigger and on the inner arm.
Close up of the Elvis Presley tattoo I have done last year
Freddy Krueger tattoo portrait, A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Hulk colour portrait. Start of the avengers sleeve.
Edith Piaf black and grey portrait.
Needle marks and details, the close-up of the latest portrait tattoo.
Chest tattoo completed with the second portrait, the boy is healed.
Chester Bennington from Linkin Park portrait.
Black and grey child tattoo portrait.
I was honoured to make this cute portrait for Toni Leistner, Queens Park Rangers football player.
Chris Cornell tattoo portrait on the leg.
‘Here’s Johnny’ – Jack Torrance, The Shining. Colour portrait of the Jack Nicholson addition to a horror sleeve.
Family micro-portraits on the neck from over 20 years old photo reference.
Crazy micro Goodfellas portrait, wrist gap filler.
Heath Ledger as the Joker colour portrait.
Claudio Ranieri from Leicester City football club tattoo portrait.
Laurel’s black and grey chest portrait tattoo.
Hardy’s black and grey chest tattoo portrait.
Crazy colour portrait of the Ozzy, mixing few tattoo styles – realism, neotraditional and dotwork.
Portrait of the Martin Luther King Jr., done in Dresden, Germany during a guest spot.
Small Lemmy – Motorhead black and grey tattoo portrait.
Bob Marley tattoo portrait on the back.
Small portrait tattoo (~6cm high) on the stomach.
Eva Green tattoo portrait as Artemisia in the 300.
Dave Grohl black and grey tattoo portrait.
The Cloun from ‘It’ by Stephen King colour tattoo portrait.
The family portrait tattoo, first session.
Black and grey portrait of the Gerard Butler as King Leonidas from 300.
Second small portrait (~6-7 cm high) on the stomach.
Memorial family portraits, the bottom one is healed
King Diamond small black and grey tattoo portrait.
Colour tattoo portrait of the Ray Charles done at the Bedford International Tattoo Convention. 1st place in colour tattoo competition.
Black and grey portrait.
Anthony Hopkins as Dr Hannibal Lecter colour tattoo portrait, ‘Silence of the lambs’
Fully healed over one year old tattoo of Sylvester Stallone as the Rocky.
Memorial colour tattoo portrait of the George Michael, done at Tattoo Freeze Convention
Marilyn Monroe black and grey tattoo portrait
Neil Diamond black and grey tattoo portrait
Customer’s grandfather colour tattoo portrait
Black and grey tattoo portrait of Claudio Ranieri from Leicester City FC
Black and grey family tattoo portrait
Tattoo black and grey portrait of the Vincent Price
Bane from Batman movie tattoo portrait