The Doctor - Rossi tattoo
The Doctor – Rossi tattoo
Fish 3D tattoo
Fish 3D tattoo
Vikings sleeve
Vikings sleeve
Memorial Falklands tattoo
Memorial Falklands tattoo
Healed New York tattoo
Healed New York tattoo
All healed The Witcher half-sleeve tattoo
All healed The Witcher half-sleeve tattoo
Robin Hood tattoo
Robin Hood tattoo
Eminem stage tattoo
Eminem stage tattoo
Back piece tattoo design
Back piece tattoo design
Tattoo sleeve in progress
Tattoo sleeve in progress
Black and grey piece
Black and grey piece
Black and Grey healed sleeve
Black and Grey healed sleeve
Light tattoo
Light tattoo.
Rose tattoo
Black and grey rose tattoo.
Lilly tattoo
Black and grey lilly tattoo.
Small forearm tattoo for Tom. Design inspired by the work of artist Jeremy Geddes.
Forearm Deadpool tattoo
Black and grey forearm Deadpool tattoo.
Deer cover up tattoo
Small deer cover up tattoo
Small Jon Snow, Game of Thrones
Small Jon Snow tattoo, Game of Thrones.
Remembrance tattoo
Remembrance tattoo on the forearm.
Black and grey rose on the hand
Black and grey rose on the hand.
British fireman tattoo
The British fireman memorial of 25 years in service tattoo.
Black and grey skull tattoo
Black and grey skull for the ongoing sleeve.
Tiny rose cover-up tattoo
Tiny rose cover-up tattoo.
Half-sleeve girl and tiger tattoo
Fresh rose to finish off the design, girl and tiger are healed.
Buddha and lotus tattoo
Fresh lotus flower next to healed Buddha tattoo.
Finished Viking tattoo design, Regnar Lothbrok from the Vikings is healed
Small black and grey dinosaur tattoo
Artwork by Matthieu Bourel as the girly leg tattoo.
Tiger underneath of teh ripped skin
Tiger under ripped skin tattoo (Star is not done by me).
Kitty tattoo
Girly custom kitty portrait on the inner arm.
Greek lion sculpture tattoo
Start of the greek sleeve, the lion sculpture tattoo first.
Lion in the crown tattoo
Lion with the crown tattoo on the leg.
First sitting on the Viking tattoo design
Skulls and roses tattoo
Skulls and roses tattoo, part of the bigger project preview.
The dove tattoo blended into the family/oriental sleeve.
Black and grey Leatherface addition to the horror sleeve
Black and grey praying hands tattoo on the inner arm.
Black and grey stag and trees tattoo design.
Small Regnar Lothbrok tattoo from the Vikings, background left to do. My interpretation of the design from the internet.
Second sitting to finish off this lion and rose tattoo. Lion is healed.
Ongoing girly sleeve tattoo, black and grey.
Small Chester Bennington Linkin Park tattoo portrait, inner elbow gap-filler
Tiger eyes tattoo gap filler
Blue eye tattoo.
Girly unicorn tattoo in black and grey
Pretty girl/skull tattoo in  black and grey
Desert ram skull tattoo on the elbow, tattoo sleeve
Diamond tattoo on the back of the arm
Custom tattoo design, half sleeve
2 years old healed Laurel and Hardy chest portraits
Second sitting on this Viking sleeve, raven tattoo is healed
Landscape chest piece tattoo and healed full sleeve
Small black and grey eye tattoo, addition to ongoing sleeve
Popeye tattoo gap filler
Small family memorial design, gun cartridges tattoo
Hourglass tattoo sleeve gapfiller on the elbow
Small eye tattoo sleeve gap filler
Skull tattoo close-up, part of the on-going sleeve
Day of the dead tattoo cover-up
Black and grey tattoo portrait of Eve with the glass apple.
Black and grey hand rose tattoo.
Rose tattoo on the elbow as the sleeve gapfiller.
Four candles tattoo addition for the ongoing sleeve.
Custom tiger tattoo design, customer’s first tattoo.
Finished off the dark half sleeve tattoo, the skull and the girl are healed. Scars cover-up included.
Black and grey geisha tattoo, inside of the arm.
Gypsy day of the dead girl tattoo.
Bloody eye in the middle of the arm.
Preview of the next dark sleeve work in progress.
Black and grey dancer tattoo design on the ribs.
Hand roses tattoo set.
Darwin tattoo portrait done at the Great British Tattoo Show in London.
Medieval hanging lantern tattoo gapfiller.
Falling angel and eye tattoo design.
Allegory of marriage. The skull and Nurstead church tattoo, the place of my customer’s wedding.
Finish off of the half sleeve, the key, feather and beads are fresh.